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Coldplay... Illuminati? (topic)
There are several or rather, many things that make me suspect about coldplay ...I could not say I'm 100% sure they are illuminati... but I could say there are too many signs that suggest they are part of IlluminatiI found unusual...
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06/10/11 22:06:09
MGMT - Electric Feel (topic)
Hello, everybody, this is my first post on this site after some time lurking here. I've actually been meaning to create an account, but there really hasn't been anything that I felt was worthwhile enough to post, or that someone hadn't...
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02/06/11 01:32:56
2pac "Better Dayz" End The War Remix (topic)
Check out this video that ive been working on to try to open up peoples minds to the wars that we are fighting right now.  It is brutal.. Innocent kids are being killed.  Its crazy.  Anyways i made the beat over 2pacs...
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04/08/10 08:06:36
brick by boring brick-paramore (topic)
ok so basically whats happening in the video is that hayley is singing,their is a grave digger digging a grave and their is a little girl who is in this magical world where she has monarch butterfly wings and monarch buterflies are...
Music - Video/Lyrics analysis

Unregistered User

02/26/10 00:35:11
Luca Brazi— "Illuminati" (topic)
I'm Luca Brazi. I'm 20 years old. And I'm tired of my people playing marionette for the puppeteers of this plutocracy we call life on Earth. I'm tired of the machine consuming anything that's organic and true,...
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01/04/10 07:02:48
ever since I saw the video on madonna using sorcery in her song Frozen, I started looking for both songs and videos of that nature.....anyway while researching I found this video if anyone has any opinions or other videos to add,...
Music - Video/Lyrics analysis

Dr0ne K1ller

09/18/09 04:15:30