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The exact process of Mk Ultra programming (topic)
I'm fairly new to this forum, so please bare with me if I bring up previously discussed topics. I've read all of pimpb's articles and watched the Industry series, and I have this nagging question I can't seem to shake about MK ultra...
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08/05/10 21:29:59
Dwayne Michael Carter a.k.a. Lil Wayne a.k.a. Weezy: CEO/Founder of Young Money ent: "With well over ten millions in sales, unquestionable street credibility, critical acclaim, industry accolades, eight Grammy nominations, and four...
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06/20/10 14:48:50
confused about egyptian ties (topic)
hey everyone, I'm new to the board & I was actually "awakened" just a few days ago.  after seeing & really liking Telephone, I decided I wanted to do a drawing of them.  but it surprised even me,  because while I...
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03/24/10 14:45:09
Illuminati Insiders reveal everything secret!!! or not? (topic)
In 2005 and 2008, someone claiming to be an elite family (or Illuminati) insider joined a popular conspiracy forum and said they were there to answer any questions honestly as far as they were allowed, since they were REQUIRED to do this...
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02/18/10 21:40:40
Why do they need a Mind Control? And why they break their Mind Control? (topic)
Im a newbie here, so pardon me if this is a silly question. I hope people here could help me understand about this better. I read some article about Mind Control, connected with Wizard of Oz, Red Shoes, Butterfly and Hello Kitty. What...
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12/12/09 04:53:53
the illuminatis meditating (topic)
Hi, I am a follower of the Industry series, thanx pimp. My question is : Why the illuminatis want to be illuminated?? why they want to wake up the 3th eye?? I mean, do they want to be bad or holly ? do they want to go upwards the tree of...
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08/24/09 04:58:49
MK Ultra and possession? (topic)
Peace and I'm gonna start off saying I am a big fan/supporter of The Industry series, been watching for awhile, since it was still the Beyonce/Madonna's so refreshing to have seen its development and the creator's...
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08/23/09 04:11:52