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here are a few sites i go to from time to time to keep things in perspective.
this one has everything anyone wants to know about the elite, 9/11, AIDS and etc. its so much info you'll be there for months. also this site is spot on most times. when they show articles here it comes out later in many places.
anyone heard of boyd graves? if you don't then you gotta. he is (was) the first one to stand up and take a flow chart about the origin of aids to the highest courts. he was delayed in getting any progress.. this year a day BEFORE MJ DIED he DIED. how? i have no idea!! check out the patent cure for aids. research the number for it at the patent office

5676977the patent for that number was made 1or 2 years before aids existed.
ok also check out da ghetto tymz.. they got some good info there.
peep that article on jesse jackson.
also check out ... site is called save the males. henry makow does a great job of exposing the feminist agenda and the elite. the feminist agenda was created by them to destroy the family unit. he also exposes the roots of why the elite use homosexuality on the masses.
ok so thats a start of somethings i hope people check those out.
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I'd recommend that you check out also. I love this site. I spent hours on there when I
first found out about it.
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also checkout this one as well. it deals with health and the fake big pharma BS.

check this site. this directly links to a book you can read called the Atlantean Conspiracy. this is for those who need to get the info on whats happening or a
start point. or for those who want a refresher. explore!
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was about to start a new thread, but saw this and decided to do the Bumpity Bump

anybody want to share any other insightful sites, blogs, video channels?

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Thanks SS. checking them out now

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wow, this is a sticky now! thats good!

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I've mentioned this site several times already but the guy who does this blog (Ben Singleton) is very sharp and very young (I think he's in his early
20s). Already he's covered an amazing amount of territory for only about a year and a half of posting!

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every time i go to psedo occult media, my computer freezes up,